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                                      Memorial Folders
Sayings/Religious Verses
To select the saying or verse for your loved one's memorial folder, please follow the link below for the complete list of sayings and verses:



                 Religious Verses


                 Long Sayings (These are to long to place on the memorial folders)



Folder Picture Options:

We are proud to offer beautiful pictures for our folders from the personal collection of Chris Hegmann. Please choose one of the following for the front of your loved ones customized, unique memorial folder.
   1.                                                                              2.
                     3.                                                                4.
  5.                                                                 6.
  7.                                                                 8.  
  9.                                                                 10.
  11.                                                               12.
 13.                                                               14.
  15.                                                               16.
  17.                                                               18.
   19.                                                             20.
Premade Options:
    22.                                                           23.
    24.                                                          25.



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